Meet the 5.4 Goal Support Team! – Rachael Lahey

If you have called or messaged the FivePointFour team, you are sure to have spoken to Rachael!  Rachael loves supporting our 5.4 fam in reaching their health and fitness goals.  We often hear her squeal with delight at a person’s weight loss!

Meet Rachael …

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Tell us a bit about yourself …

I’m Rachael, 22 years old, from Singleton. I moved to Brisbane about 4 years ago to study Psychology and Criminology. I’ve since stopped that, and became a qualified Makeup Artist!

I love combining Makeup and working at FivePointFour – making people feel healthy from the inside-out, as well as making them feel beautiful and confident.

What advice would you give to guys and girls who want to live a happier and healthier life?

Don’t let you be your biggest roadblock. You need to back yourself 100% and believe in you.

What was the moment you were inspired to get fit and healthy?

Being diagnosed with PCOS was a very pivotal moment for me. Sitting down with my doctor and hearing that children may not be a possibility for me was really difficult, and I knew I needed to adjust my lifestyle if I ever wanted a family.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Alarm clock, snooze. Alarm clock. Rush to get ready. Coffee, coffee, coffee! Work and helping people achieve their goals. Hitting the gym and kicking my own goals! TV and sleep!

Favourite body part to train …

I love to train the booty! Baby got back!

Fav 5.4 meal …

My favourite 5.4 meal is Satay Chicken! Every time week 4 comes around my mouth waters! I also REALLY love the Vegan Tomato Based Curry.

Favourite cheat meal …

My favourite cheat meal has to be anything where potato, butter and sour cream are involved!!

I’m my happiest when …

I’m happiest when I’m taking care of my body or when I’m watching Lord of the Rings!

What do you love about being a goal support team member at 5.4?

I love helping people reach their goals. I love knowing that through our company people are able to make changes in their lives for the better. It’s great hearing our customers success stories and knowing we were apart of achieving that.