5.4 Inspiring People – Tom Oliver

There are a-lot of perks to working at FivePointFour (delicious food, great people, taking squat breaks instead of coffee breaks and helping change peoples lives for the better), but spending a morning hanging out with Tom Oliver definitely took a ‘just another day in the office’ to the next level!

Tom has been a part of the 5.4 fam for some time and is on the training plan.  As we’ve got to know Tom, we’ve been in awe of his hard working, determined, confident and happy nature and meeting him in the flesh definitely didn’t disappoint. Meet Tom …

Tell us a bit about yourself Tom …

Hello! I’m Tom Oliver. I’m an actor/ singer from Brisbane with a background in music, theatre, film, television and cabaret. In two weeks, I will premier my one-man cabaret show ‘More Than A Boy’ from the 24th – 27th of November at Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Wonderland Festival which is really exciting!


What does a typical day look like for you?

It depends what day of the year it is! As a performer, every week is different depending on what you’re working on. It’s a perk of the job! At the moment I’m in full-time rehearsals for my brand new show ‘More Than A Boy’, starting to learn music for the next job ‘Velvet’ and trying to get another project off the ground.

So most days I get out of bed at about 7:30am (alarm goes off at 7am and I nap until at least 7:30am), send some emails, shower/ breakfast/ pack lunch and am in the car by 9am for rehearsal at 10am, lunch at about 1pm, rehearse until 4pm, gym at F45 at 4:45pm, dinner at home at 6:30pm, emails/learning lines/learning music until about 10pm and then a bit of Facebook and Instagram until bed at 11:30pm (everyone needs a bit of time on the socials!

What was the moment you were inspired to get fit and healthy?

It was actually in 2014 when I was working on a rock show called ‘Rolling Thunder Vietnam’. My character in the show had to be ‘fit and strong from working on the farm’. At the time I wasn’t unfit but I wasn’t fit either. I got cast in the role about 4 months before the gig started so I decided to change my diet slightly and start going to the gym.

What advice would you give to other members of the 5.4 fam who want to make their lives happier and healthier?

I would advise them to make a list of the things they like doing or the things they want to achieve and then find a way to do them. No one else can achieve your goals but you. I think I’m most happy when I do things that I’ve been thinking about for months, sometimes years.

Your favourite way to move is …

I LOVE going to training at F45 Paddington in Brisbane. The trainers and community at that gym make it very easy to train and achieve goals. The workouts are always different, it’s very time efficient and the people at this gym are so down to earth and motivated. Get this … I live in Wynnum (when I’m not on tour) and I drive all the way to Paddington because I love the vibe at this gym. I like that all the workouts are time based so there is no pressure on lifting the heaviest or for the most amount of reps. It’s the perfect mix of cardio and resistance.

I’m my happiest when …

I’m in the same city as the people I love and working on something creative.


The one thing I’m trying really hard right now to do is …

Commit to my 5.4 8 week fitness challenge while keeping up with my creative endeavours and schedule.

Fav 5.4 meal …

Beef Chow Mein or Devilled Sausages… Don’t make me choose!

Fav cheat meal …

KFC – get in ma belly!

The most important message you would like to share with the 5.4 fam re their health and fitness is …

Eating the right food means everything.

I really notice the difference at the end of a week if I’ve been eating my 5.4 meals. My mind is clear.

Eating healthy is more than just wanting to ‘get ripped for summer’. It’s about feeling good and having energy so you can achieve everything you want each day. I’m much more alert at rehearsals when I’ve packed a healthy lunch.

How can we see your show Tom?

Tickets are available at