Planning for the FivePointFour 8 week challenge

Research shows that you will be more successful and motivated in your weight-loss goals if you lay out a detailed plan on how you intend to approach your upcoming FivePointFour 8 week Challenge.

Here are some ways you can start planning ahead:

Be positive

Focus on positive solutions, not avoidance tactics. Instead of saying “I will never get a chocolate from the vending machine on my 3pm break during my 8 week Challenge”, be open to the fact that there might be a day or two when you are tempted.

Instead, plan to have your 5.4 meals in the office freezer.  Another great plan is to keep your Brookfarm snack packs in your desk drawers that you can eat in a pinch.

Get your gear organised

Before you start planning your first week of the 8 week challenge, make sure you have everything you need.

Do you have an insulated lunch bag or cooler to carry your food? Do you have a water bottle? Clothes and shoes for workouts and a bag in which to carry your gear?

Get a grip on the plan

If you haven’t already, read your 8 week challenge plan carefully. Got questions?  The 5.4 Goal Support Team are here to support you all of the way!  Give us a call on 1300 343 656 and we will be happy to help!

Track your progress

Track your progress in sticking to your meal plan, workouts and goals.  You could do this in a journal, a spreadsheet or there are heaps of great apps that you could download.

Enjoy your cheat meal!

After six days of eating well, you deserve a break. With the FivePointFour 8 week challenge, you can enjoy one “cheat meal” a week where you can eat whatever you want; just be sure to get back to the FivePointFour way of eating in the next meal.