Acne, troubled skin? You are what you eat- Foods to avoid!


A beautiful outside starts with a healthy inside!

I’m sure most of you have heard of the old saying “You are what you eat!”

Well, it holds true for both your insides and outside.

Were you aware that research shows results of fitness goals are 80% What you eat and 20% exercise?

Not only is what you eat important for your fitness and body goals but also impacts the skin you’re in.


Professionals are suggesting that poor nutrition including refined carbs, high sugar, trans fats and alcohol to be as damaging to the skin as smoking!

When asked about the effects eating bad foods can have on your skin, professional Paramedical Skin Practitioner, Claire Mason says;

‘Certain foods trigger inflammation in the body. This, in turn, attributes to hormone imbalances, poor gut & digestive health, poor cell health, acne, premature ageing, dermatitis and sallow, tired and red skin.’



Unprocessed foods, sugars and high carb diets affect every cell in the body and impair cognitive health.

Aside from weight gain, dermatologists have explained certain foods are best to avoid where possible as they can cause the following skin problems:


  • Alcohol- Natural diuretic, which leads to dehydration. Triggering rosacea outbreaks and causing wrinkles.
  • White bread- high GI- Hormonal effects, acne, excess oil
  • Salt- Retain water
  • Milk and some shellfish- Acne
  • Spicy foods- facial flushing and redness
  • Sugar- wrinkles due to tissues and collagen being affected as high blood sugar weakens tissues.
  • Candy- Acne
  • Chips- Refined carbs increase inflammation in skin
  • Fast Food- High GI and Sat Fats- Acne
  • Margarine- Trans fats can lead to dehydration causing wrinkles
  • Donuts- 🙁 high sugar, high fats and oils- Acne


I wrote this blog as I personally have suffered from Acne the last couple of years.

As a teenager, I was lucky enough not to experience the typical teenage breakout. However, into my early 30’s as Kanye West would say BAM! I got slapped in the face with the Acne stick. I was so devastated; my confidence dropped and took my positive outlook with it.

I was so devastated; my confidence dropped and took my positive outlook with it.

If I went outside I would do so with a thick layer of makeup on (which didn’t help my acne at all!) I wouldn’t even go to the beach without a face of makeup.

I’d wake up next to my partner and turn away or cover my face due to my embarrassment and would find myself bursting into tears just looking in the mirror.

It was only after I was referred by a friend to Claire Mason that I realised, I wasn’t doomed.

I started treatments to fix the effects that had already taken place and started using preventative products.

After doing this for a few months and watching what I ate by sticking to FivePointFours macronutrient counted low carb meals, drinking over 8 glasses of water a day, having less milk (almost cutting dairy completely)… I’m happy in my own skin again… makeup free!

So, it’s true what they say, you are what you eat… watching and being aware of what you eat and drink will help to keep your skin and exterior in great condition.


I do-nut care if it tastes amazing, watch what you eat.

A. Jane