Avoid juices at all costs! (Even if it’s FREE!)

Avoid fruit juices at all costs when your goal is weight loss!  Fruit juice is one of the fastest ways to inadvertently gain weight

It can be deceptively bad for you with its high sugar content and lack of fibre.  The sugars are absorbed that much more quickly, which results in sugar highs and crashes paired with irritable, sluggish moods.

Fruit itself has a natural protective layer of fibre that acts as a barrier for the intestine, which slows the absorption of sugar. This allows the liver to take the sugar at a steady rate. However, when consumed as juice or a smoothie, the fruit’s fibre barrier is gone, which allows sugar to flow freely and ultimately overloads the liver.

This overload gives the body a burst of energy, which drops just as quickly as it spikes, also known as the ‘sugar crash.’ During this crash, the body sometimes starts experiencing hunger pangs, leading to more negative juice drinking outcomes.

Fruit sugar that is not burned off is converted into fat. Furthermore, a single serving of fruit juice contains the same amount of sugar as three-and-a-half doughnuts.

You may think a fruit or veggie smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals, but it is also laden with sugar. Some contain as much sugar as fizzy drinks.

Try eating actual whole fruit instead, in order to get the boost of fibre your body needs and to slow down the sugar absorption.