Chlorine the breakfast of champions!

Chlorine the breakfast of champions!


I was talking to my friend – a professional swimmer & she was telling me why I needed to hit the pool.


Swimmers always seem to display incredible, strong physiques and as we move into winter, a warm indoor pool and a great winter physique sound’s neat to me!


I haven’t ever included swimming in my exercise regimen, so I thought I’d  ‘POOL’ some resources together and do some research.


  • Why is swimming so good for you?…

If you have an injury, swimming is especially beneficial as it’s very low impact.

Swimming improves cardio, tones and sculpts your body, assists in flexibility and unlike exercises out of the pool, swimming engages your entire body.


  • Want abs?

Whilst in the water, you have nothing to stabilise you, so you are forced to activate your core! Abs for days!


  • For all of you out there looking to tone your derriè and legs…

Kicking as you swim or treading water, will work your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves giving you a powerful sculpted lower body!

Well, I’ve seen all the facts I need to… Where do I sign up?!

As a wise, Blue Tang fish once said, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

A. Jane