Cut Salt & Sugar to See Results

We had a call today from a lovely lady that is currently ordering from another meal provider. She was really upset as she wasn’t losing weight as she expected. I asked lots of questions to check in re exactly what she was eating throughout the day, water intake, other drinks, exercise levels and stress levels. I was a bit perplexed … Even though she was doing all the right things the scales were not budging.

It was time to put my detective hat on!

I pulled up the nutrition panels of the meals that she was having and got a bit of a shock at the high level of sodium and sugar levels within the meals.

As an example, there was 6.75 grams of sugar in a 270gram size meal. A teaspoon of sugar is 4g and the World Health Organisation recommendation is less than 6 tsp per day for optimum health. In a single meal of this product, this lovely lady was having 1.75 teaspoons of sugar. Yikes! 

Then I looked at the sodium levels. The National Health and Medical Research Council has set an ‘Adequate Intake’ of 20–40 mmol (460–920 mg) of sodium per day. This corresponds to 1.15–2.3 grams of salt. In a single meal that this lady was consuming, there is 259.2 mg! Double yikes! 

As well as raising your blood pressure, sodium is associated with water retention. When sodium is consumed in food, nearly 100 percent of the sodium is absorbed. Water will also be temporarily retained until the body can reestablish sodium and water balance by excreting excess sodium and water in the urine.

So for the high level of sugar in the meals that the lady was consuming would be hindering her weight loss and the high levels of sodium would have her body holding on to water weight.

Why is this important to you? Lowering your sugar and sodium intake is an important aspect of adopting a healthy diet which is the key to a new healthy you. When looking for a meal provider … Don’t just check the calories, protein, fat and carb levels. Look carefully at both the sodium and sugars levels.

When Beni and our team created our meals, they were incredibly stringent in ticking all of these boxes for our 5.4 weight loss plans:

✅ High protein ✅ Low fat ✅ Low carb ✅ Low sugars ✅ Low sodium and most importantly, ✅ Delicious!

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Let me know below if you found this info helpful and I’ll be sure to post more tips and tricks like this for you.