Doctors recommend 5.4 for lifestyle management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and weight loss

Doctors and specialists are recommending FivePointFour goal specific meal plans to help their patients with several disease states such as pre diabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or anyone who simply wants to improve their health.

We spoke to Dr Louise Gardiner who has been practicing as a General Practitioner for 25 years about why she and her peers are recommending 5.4 to their patients.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Why do you like FivePointFour meals Dr Gardener?

I like 5.4 meals because they are clean, nutritious and tasty.  I also like their options for low carb food which is particularly good for my diabetic patients.  They lose weight on a low carb diet where they may have trouble with a high carb diet. With lifestyle modification, what we are looking at is improving health in the cardiovascular risk area and the diabetes area.

What are the risks if patients continue to eat a bad diet?

The more people eat bad food, the more likely they are to increase their weight and to have multiple problems so you can have diabetes, then cardiovascular disease and then arthritis because you are carrying too much weight.  So General Practitioners in particular have a huge job in controlling hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and obesity in itself.  Obesity surgery is a big thing that we refer off too and then there is the huge impact that diabetes has on our community.

How do you treat patients who require weight loss?

I generally see patients in two categories for weight loss … those that have tried and failed and those that get an abnormal test result and require dietary modification.  That would be high cholesterol or high blood sugar levels/pre diabetes.  Both groups here need help with input output, so how much energy they are burning versus how much energy they are putting in, and pre packaged calorie counted meals make it easy to introduce food in appropriate ratios and amounts.

FivePointFour has added advantages on top of this.  1.  It is very economical, 2 it is very nutritious, tasty and filling, 3. It comes in convenient stackable freezer packs which is really good to just keep there for as long as you like.

One of the features that I really like is the low carb option which is very effective for weight loss even in the pre diabetic and the diabetic.

I really do recommend it for a lot of my patients for lots of different reasons and have found it effective in maintaining a gradual weight loss.  I like the way that portioned food like this teaches people a new way of looking at food in portion ratios and realising how they should be eating.  I recommend 5.4 to many of my patients with many and varied conditions.



Do you eat 5.4 meals yourself?

My peers have tried 5.4 and we keep our fridge supplies going.  I find it very easy to come home some nights after a busy day and just get some 5.4 and I know that we will be satisfied and have a nice meal rather than feel that we are on a diet.  My peers have enjoyed and actually discussed the different options in flavours.

Do you and your peers recommend 5.4 to your patients?

I have recommended 5.4 to a lot of my patients now, and they find that they are very economical, they love the convenience of having them in the freezer stacked there which is wonderful for them and it makes it really easy. It is also good for the busy worker who have had a hard day, it is good for people who want to pick up and take one to work for lunch as an alternative to café or takeaway food which is often too large, the wrong proportions of food and not helping their diet or their health at all.  It’s also good for people who can’t cook for themselves anymore so older people who might need some nourishing food that they know is good for them.  It tastes fresh and it tastes good.  It’s not like the frozen meals that you get in the supermarket.

My peers and I actually discuss the food and the menu choices.  We comment that “this is really good and you ought to try this next time”.  It’s tasty food that people are actually interested in eating rather than food that we think ‘right I am on a diet and I need to eat this fresh tomato today for lunch with a bit of cucumber. With 5.4 you feel like you are eating real food and you enjoy the food that you are eating.

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How long do you recommend your patients to stay on 5.4 meals?

With regard to 5.4 and how long people can stay on it, I think it is a very nutritious and tasty food and people could easily stay on it forever if they needed to and enjoy it.

With regard to disease and obesity, I think it is always better to look at people trying lifestyle modification and that would be dietary modification as well.  I advise patients to pitch away at a gradual change over time rather than trying to get drastic weight loss or drastic changes in their health in a short amount of time where they will only regress and get further behind in the regression and we have seen this with weight loss particularly where people bounce down and then bounce up but not back to where they were before but always back higher than where they were before.  So they have to fight further and harder to get back there again.  They then getting discouraged because they don’t seem to be getting anywhere.  They are making huge progress in the weight loss that they are achieving they just are not maintaining it.  So to prevent that bouncing happening, to instil a gradual program of healthy eating is a much more sensible way to go long term.

Thanks so much Dr Gardiner.


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