Eating our meals feeds a child in need each day

5.4’s commitment to making a difference is now providing over 3,000 meals a week to children
in need.

The directors of 5.4 have a firmly entrenched belief that anything is possible and anyone can make a difference.

This is evident in their unrivalled passion to make a difference to Australian’s health and nutrition. More recently though, 5.4 have made the ongoing bold commitment – for every person who eats 5.4 for a day, they will feed a child in need for a day.

“The Hunger project’s School Meals Program provides nutritious food for them to be able to learn and grow up healthy,” Ben explains.

“The best way to help kids achieve a brighter future is through daily, nutritious meals at school. The Hunger Program is working hard to ensure more kids around the world get this chance which is why we got onboard.”
One of the biggest commitments for 5.4 as it expands is ensuring it sticks to the ethics of its founder, Ben Doolan. For the company, a major part of this is making a difference.

“The foundations for our business are to build a social responsibility business. This has been entrenched in our business model from the start, not as an afterthought.”

“Our customers have been so supporting and are happy to know that when they buy our healthy meals they are also feeding a child.”

FivePointFour has a goal to be feeding 5,000 children by the end of the year.