Health and Fitness Tips for Students

Are you back at Uni and are finding it hard staying fit and healthy?  We get it!

Between studying for exams, assignment deadlines and trying to maintain a social life, it’s not always easy to eat well or fit in a workout.

The good news is, it IS possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you are a student. Here are some tips:

Have a Plan Ready

Having a plan will make your life so much easier!

Sometimes having all the best intentions to workout doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. So, when you get your timetable for the semester, make an effort to schedule in time for exercise.

If you have a super early class you probably aren’t going to be too keen to workout before it. Make sure that what you plan, fits in with YOUR life and your schedule.

Watch Out for Emotional Eating

If you are stressed about exams, assignments and your workload, it can be so easy to reach into a bag of chips and absentmindedly graze.

Our emotions can play a big role in what we eat, so next time you have a junk food binge, try to recognise what set it off. If it is stress, sadness or anger, try going for a walk or talking to a friend instead.

Being aware of your eating habits can really help you determine why you are doing the things you do and help you make improvements if necessary.

Balance Your Meals

I know that a lot of students really struggle with eating, especially if they live at college and are limited to the food they can consume.

Don’t let this stress you out or discourage you! Try your hardest to make the best choices you can with what you have. Always try to balance out your meals and make sure you are eating from a variety of food groups, such as grains, vegetables, lean proteins and good fats.

So many students are part of the 5.4 fam.  They outsource their meal prep and cooking to us so that they eat well and save time to focus on study and getting balance in their lives.

Get Creative With Your Workouts

If you can’t afford a gym membership, there are plenty of ways you can exercise without even needing to step foot into one! Take advantage of your surroundings and use what you can like your campus pool, gym, playing fields or dorm room.

Try to make time for some exercise daily, even if that means just taking the stairs to your classes! All the little things count!

If you are super busy with your workload, try to find a workout routine that can maximise results in a short amount of time.