How much sodium is too much sodium?

Are you eating really cleanly and exercising regularly but you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?  It could be that you are eating more sodium than you realise.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has set an ‘Adequate Intake’ of 20–40 mmol (460–920 mg) of sodium per day. We had a look at several prepared meals this week and were really shocked at the the sodium levels.  As an example, the McCains Healthy Choice Japanese Teriyaki with Brown and Wild Rice has 1020 mg of sodium! Yikes!

What does this mean?  As well as raising your blood pressure, sodium is associated with water retention. When sodium is consumed in food, nearly 100 percent of the sodium is absorbed. Water will also be temporarily retained until the body can reestablish sodium and water balance by excreting excess sodium and water in the urine.  So high levels of sodium will hinder your weight loss and have your body holding on to water weight.

Why is this important to you? Lowering your sodium intake is an important aspect of adopting a healthy diet which is the key to a new healthy you. When looking for a meal provider … Don’t just check the calories, protein, fat and carb levels. Look carefully at both the sodium and sugars levels.

When Beni and our team created our meals, they were incredibly stringent in ticking all of these boxes for our 5.4 weight loss plans:

✅ High protein ✅ Low fat ✅ Low carb ✅ Low sugars ✅ Low sodium and most importantly, ✅ Delicious!

Check them out at Our team are here to support you reach your health and fitness goals & to answer nutrition questions! Give us a call on 1300 343 656.

Let me know below if you found this info helpful and I’ll be sure to post more tips and tricks like this for you.