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Why we waste food and how to eat smarter

Did you know Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase? That’s 1 in 5 bags of groceries in the bin! Those poor pieces of unused produce – they WANT to be eaten!

So why are we wasting SO much food (and money)?

There are lots of ways we are wasting food and when you add them up it ends up being a whole lot of meals going into the trash. Here are some ways we’re doing it wrong:

  1. We cook too much food. Who else has eyes bigger than their stomachs? When you’re meal prepping it is way too easy to underestimate how much food is really in front of you and you end up cooking enough for three families instead of one.
  2. We don’t know how to use leftovers. After cooking enough for multiple families, we still don’t know how to use the leftovers. They could be used for lunches or even dinner the following night.
  3. We didn’t check the fridge before going shopping. This is a biggie! A lot of the time we duck to the shops on the way home from work and try to pretend we have photographic memories in order to remember what we’ve got in the fridge/cupboard that we haven’t checked for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the reality is we do NOT have accurate memories and we most likely are going to double up on some food products.
  4. We buy takeaway last minute when there’s food at home. This is a HUGE contributor to our high quantities of food waste. If you’ve had a rough day at work the LAST thing you want to think about doing is cooking up a storm, so you result to takeaway instead. We’ve all done it.
  5. We don’t stick to our shopping list. A silent killer – who can resist all those sales on those yummy foods that you love (but definitely don’t need)? Then BAM, your supposed to be $30 shopping bag has ended up to $70 and a whole lot of it is not going to be used.

So how can we eat smarter?

A lot of the above reasons why we waste food are hard to control – knowing how much quantities of ingredients you are going to need is near impossible, you can’t help that you sometimes work late and grocery shopping after-hours is the only time you can manage to go, plus we are only human – no one can resist the cheeky sales on your fave peanut butter brand. This is just reality, and we all experience these things.

However, what is EASY to control is if your meals are already measured, prepped, cooked and snap-frozen for your convenience. Our frozen meals are delivered to your door and take away all the reasons above for wasting food – so you won’t ever have to throw out food (and can hold on to more cash)!

  • We take the prepping/cooking out of your day. This means no more overcooking and saying bye-bye to your hard-earned creations!
  • All of our meals are perfectly portioned for you and your health goals, meaning no more wasted leftovers, just another equally delicious meal the next day – yassss!
  • Gone are the days where you need to remember your fridge or cupboards contents because you won’t need to duck into the shops after work in order to have dinner. Keep your memory reserved for more important things 😉
  • You’re not going to be as tempted to buy takeaway because you know there is a convenient, healthy and tasty 5.4 meal waiting for you at home that can be ready in minutes – with no energy required from you! Now that’s livin’ Barry.
  • No more meal prep = less shopping = less chances to see those sneaky sales that suck you in. Need we say more?
  • PLUS, all of our meals are snap frozen and can be stored in your freezer for up to 12 months, so you’ll never have to chuck out a meal again!

You can help reduce Australia’s food wastage by signing up for one of our meal plans. This will mean you will eat smarter, save $$$ and also fast-track your health results. There are really no losers here.

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