Is it time to hit reset?

It’s the end of the financial year!  Wow!  This year is going so fast right?!

It is a great time to renew the commitments you have made to yourself at the start of the calendar year about your health, happiness and dreams.

So is it time to hit RESET?  Pushing reset is always an option!

No matter what, you can always start again, leave the past in the past and move forward.

Some things that can really restore you are …

Exercise can make you feel AH-MAZ-ING! Sometimes the hardest part is getting started and that’s why it is so important to have quick workouts.  A quick 15 minute workout is enough to energise me and get me motivated to do so many other things.  Give it a try!

Eat wisely – Nutrients are so important for energy, gaining lean muscle and strength. Think about what you can add into your day that will increase your intake of those important nutrients that will benefit how you look and feel.

Make you sure you eat a serve of at least 1 service of protein (20 – 30g).

Eat regularly!  Ideally, every 3 hours or so is ideal to keep your metabolism firing.

If you work out, add a serve of starchy carbs to your next 5.4 weight loss meal to replace the muscle glycogen that was depleted during exercise.

If you workout in the morning, include all of your starchy carbs in the first half of your day and don’t include a serving of carbs at dinner. If you workout in the afternoon/evening, include a serving of carbs with your dinner – you can either skip the carbs at lunch and eat them at dinner, or halve your lunch serving of carbs and add the other half to dinner.

Water is necessary to the function of all our metabolic functions, our internal organs, and it is vital in every body process. One of the most common causes of digestive problems, lymph congestion (your immune system), and the inability to naturally detoxify, is dehydration.  Try an app to remind you to regularly drink water if you tend to forget.

Catch some zzzz – Studies show that getting enough rest allows you to perform better, it regulates your hormones so you actually metabolise fats more efficiently, it reduces stress, improves focus, creativity and memory and regulates and reduces inflammation.

So now it is time for you to take action and hit reset!  It’s time to get focused – or re-focused – on making this your best year yet!