Fire up your metabolism and burn more calories!

Are you sitting on the couch procrastinating about doing a cardio or weights session? Well get off the couch and get moving as your metabolism will increase after you are done exercising which burns more calories.  Winning!

Strength training with moderate to heavy weights increases the degree of energy production and muscle tissue development to a greater extent beyond your resting metabolism compared to resistance training with light weights. It takes more energy or more calories to lift heavy weights for six to 12 repetitions compared to lifting lighter weights for 15 to 20 repetitions.

Here are some really effective ways that can increase your metabolism:

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity aerobic interval training sessions are much shorter compared to low or moderate intensity aerobic exercise because your muscles fatigue quickly.

High-intensity exercise requires quick, powerful muscular contractions which uses glucose as fuel instead of fats. Though a sprint interval session may last only 20 minutes compared to a 60-minute run, you can burn as many, if not more calories from an interval workout. The increase in metabolism after this type of training is greater compared to long workouts.

Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type

Try often changing the frequency of your workouts, the duration and intensity of your sessions and the type of training you do.  This will increase your metabolism after exercise. Doing this frequent change up, prevents your body from adapting to a specific program of training, increasing the number of calories it uses to return all of your systems to a resting state. Try changing one or two variables every time you hit the gym or your running path.

Caffeine Boost

Give drinking a highly caffeinated beverage like a strong black or a double shot latte one hour before your workouts a go.  It increases your metabolism for several hours after your session.

Keep us posted with how you are progressing and let us know how you go with these tips!