Searching for motivation to reach your health and fitness goals?

Are you searching for motivation to reach your health and fitness goals?  Even though you have your goal in your mind, unless you really know why you want to achieve it, you’re just not going to get there.  Knowing your why can really help you when you are procrastinating about working out or if you are tempted with a donut!

Here are 3 ways you can get yourself motivated anytime you wish. Right now would be a good time to begin!

Know your why! This is not the same as a goal. A reason is your internal drive to do something. What do you gain as a person for accomplishing this? How will you feel? What will you look like?  How different will your life be?  What does it mean to you?

Identify your enemy. We can’t fight if we don’t have an enemy. It’s hard to shoot without a target. You can’t push without something opposing you. Who or what is your enemy?  What circumstance do you absolutely refuse to have occur? What state of mind have you decided to never have again? This is your enemy. Keep the enemy in mind.

Get a bigger goal. Goals and reasons are what will will keep you inspired! When there is no motivating goal, we can still take action – but it will be uninspired, going-through-the-motions action. People won’t respond to it and it will be a struggle for you since you have nothing to gain from doing it. You’re just doing it to be doing it. When you have a bigger goals it will push you to more inspired action because you have more to gain. Just make sure that your bigger goal is achievable but will make you stretch.