It’s not just about weight loss or gain, it’s about lifestyle change

We all know we need food to survive, but what we sometimes don’t realise, is just how much the food we eat affects the way we live.

We’re not just talking about getting your dream body, as your eating habits can have other knock-on effects. Fatigue is one example, which is something we’ve all most likely struggled with before. The result can mean not being able to perform at your best at work, or not having the energy to spend time with family and friends. That’s why FivePointFour meals are focussed on more than just losing weight. We want to see you make a lifestyle change by simply altering what’s in your fridge.

FivePointFour has also got a cheat sheet to keep you motivated throughout the day. Why not try incorporating any of these foods into your afternoon?

  • Green tea (full of caffeine and amino acids)
  • Almonds (perfect mix of fat, fibre and protein)
  • Greek yogurt (protein booster)
  • Dark chocolate (scientifically proven to make you feel good!)

Remember, eating right can allow you to reach your full potential.