Tricks with pre and post workout fuel

Are you on our 8 week challenge and are wondering about eating pre and post workouts?

Pre workout

The best time for pre-workout fuel depends on the time of the day and what is being consumed.  Pre-workout nutrition is important for performance during your workout and should happen one to three hours before the session.  However, if you train early in the morning and consume minimal food, dinner the night before becomes an important pre-workout meal.

Eating too close to your workout will result in a heavy digestive tract, which will be felt during high intensity moves like burpees, so allowing at least an hour for adequate digestion is vital.  This also allows enough time for the body to absorb the nutrients and for insulin levels to return to baseline levels so as not to inhibit fat burning.

Post workout

Once you have finished your workout, the race for protein is on.  Ideally have a serve of protein, 30 minutes after your workout.  This will result in significant increases in both lean body mass and strength over a period of time.  A protein shake is best for this and is nice and easy.

Don’t forget that the process of recovery continues for a good 12 hours following a workout to maximise recovery and promote performance at your next session.  So stick closely to your 8 week challenge plan and keep your snacks clean.