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Why low-carb is good for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a serious complex condition that is becoming more prevalent around the nation. Around 1.7 million Australians are living with diabetes. 280 Australians develop diabetes every day. That’s one person every 5 minutes (Diabetes Australia).

What is diabetes?


When someone has diabetes, their body can’t maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood. To function properly, our bodies need to convert glucose from food into energy, which can only be done with a hormone called insulin. People with diabetes don’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin, which means when they eat glucose (which is in foods like breads, cereals, fruit, legumes, starchy veggies, milk, yoghurt and sweets) it can’t be converted into energy.

There are different types of diabetes, however all types are complex and serious and require daily care and management. The three main types of diabetes are type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Anyone can develop diabetes, however type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

What can help prevent developing type 2 diabetes?


Evidence shows type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed in up to 58% of cases by maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active and following a healthy eating plan (Diabetes Australia).

5.4 low-carb meal plans can make sure you are following a healthy eating plan that is high in protein, low in carbs, low in saturated fat and low in sugar. Our low-carb meal plans are designed to help people get to a healthy weight, which is a major factor that can help to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Even with very minimal carbs, the high levels of protein in the meals make sure you stay full throughout the day and help to curb any sugar cravings throughout the day. If you have a family history of type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic, we recommend following our low-carb meal plan in conjunction with regular exercise to help prevent the development of diabetes.

What if you have type 2 diabetes?


For people with type 2 diabetes, there is reliable evidence that lower carb eating can be safe and useful in lowering average blood glucose levels in the short term (up to 6 months). It can also help reduce body weight and help manage heart disease risk factors such as raised cholesterol and raised blood pressure (Diabetes Australia).

Many people with diabetes use low carb eating plans to help lose weight and to assist in managing their blood glucose levels. 5.4 women’s low carb meals only have 4-7g of carbs per meal, and men’s only hold 6-10g of carbs, making them a very good option for people with diabetes who are wanting to go low-carb.

What do the experts say?


Nutritionist and health writer, Michele Hedge says, “As a nutritional medicine practitioner we get super excited when we see people like 5.4 turning out tasty, healthy meals for the busy person.  Low carb options that are delicious are perfect options for those that are insulin resistant, struggling with weight loss and/or diabetes.”

Our low carb meals take the guesswork out of counting your macros so you don’t have to constantly be worrying about what you’re eating. Plus, there’s a huge variety of delicious meals to choose from, no meal prep and no cleaning. Who said low-carb has to be boring?

So if you’re not sure where to begin, our low carb meal plans can assist in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes when combined with regular exercise. For more info on our low carb meal plans: