Setting smart goals and how to achieve them

It’s the start of July already … How did that happen right?! It seems like only yesterday that we were setting new years resolutions. Have you fallen off the wagon with those resolutions?

The good news is that you don’t need to wait until next new years to make a change. You just need a SMART goal. With a little planning and dedication, you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

So what is a SMART goal? It is:

Specific: Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve i.e. Complete the Noosa Triathlon in October 2016.

Measurable: This all out about numbers! If your specific goal is to lose 8 kilos, jump on the scales, take measurements, and record your start date. Keep on measuring every week of your journey until you reach your goal.

Achievable: Your goal needs to be achievable with your other commitments (ie work, family).

Realistic: Realistic goals are sustainable. It needs to step you out of your comfort zone but your goal should be for long term and sustainable change. As an example, if your goal is to exercise more and you are currently doing no training sessions, don’t set out to work out every day immediately. Schedule in your diary three sessions per week and stick to it. Once you’ve done that for a couple of weeks, then build in other sessions.

Time based: Once you have worked out what your goal is, chunk your large goal down. Design a day by day, week by week plan to make it happen.

Remember to be flexible. We all know that life, work and family commitments keep us busy and can get in the way even when you have the best of intentions. Don’t beat yourself up. If for instance, you have missed a training session, commit to going tomorrow. Schedule it in your calendar when you plan to go and make sure nothing gets in your way.

So think of your SMART goals in day and not weeks … Before you know it you will have smashed your health and fitness goals!