Why You No Longer Need To Compromise Tastebuds For Health

Perhaps you have decided to improve your diet through the convenience of healthy pre-prepared meals – how do you decide which company to order from?

When selecting a suitable meal provider, it is vital to consider your individual lifestyle, health goals and exercise routine to determine the right dietary plan for you.

Recently, The Australian Financial Review published an article evaluating five local pre-prepared meal companies according to dish variety, taste, presentation and value for money.

While all providers ranked high on convenience and delivery, FivePointFour was deservingly praised above all others for its portion control, flavour and health rating, along with its affordability.

Founder Ben Doolan highlights that rather than compromising your health for your taste buds, FivePointFour focuses exclusively on providing wholesome, nutritious meals that are packed full of flavour as an added bonus.

“Any pre-prepared meal company can produce a delicious variety of meals,” Ben insists.

“What sets FivePointFour apart from its rivals is that our meals expertly balance your calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat intake to ensure effective results according to your specific health goals, all while tasting undeniably mouth-watering.”

Customer Ty Van Haren believes FivePointFour meals are the most flavoursome he has purchased.

“I tried a few of the competitors and flavour wise, these guys are hands down the best,” Ty says.

“Perfect if you are super busy, but want to be consistent with your diet.”

Ben emphasises that FivePointFour saves you the time of researching and determining your exact macronutrient requirements by providing a suitably developed plan with a selection of tasty, diverse meals that are tailored according to your gender, your weekly training intensity and your health goals.

“All of our meal plans are protein-rich to ensure the maintenance of essential fatty acid and amino acid levels, as well as to aid the fat-burning and muscle-building process,” Ben explains.

“Likewise, our meal programs are designed to provide a small portion of calories from low-glycaemic carbohydrates, which will prolong your energy throughout the day, curb cravings and most importantly, lower your daily calorie intake without sacrificing your performance.”

FivePointFour customer Lincoln Ison has been thrilled with the results of his tailored meal plan.

“Awesome meals – and getting results within the first month!” he declares.

It is important to recognise that FivePointFour is targeted specifically at weight loss, toning and definition and muscle building.

“It would make our job a lot easier if we used cheese, cream, white rice and bread in our meals, but this isn’t healthy so we won’t go there. You won’t find any pizzas, wraps, pastries or high-sugar protein balls on our menu, and definitely nothing fried! We only do grilled or steamed,” Ben insists.

Ben Doolan is in fact delighted that FivePointFour was taste-comparable to alternative pre-prepared meal companies that focus primarily on flavour instead of nutrition.

“Taste is important, yes – but not when it means sacrificing the quality of your food!” he exclaims.

“We only use premium ingredients. We’re 100% chicken breast, no thigh. Our beef is lean and our mince is high grade. No cutting corners for the sake of profit.”

FivePointFour also provides a goal support person for every member on FivePointFour to increase their chances of success.

“We want people to achieve their goals fast, then ensure they keep them. We’re not a fan of yo-yo diets and do everything we can to help members avoid this.

“Being a member of FivePointFour is an ongoing commitment to eating healthy, not a short term quick-fix. We’re here to support our members for the long-term. Nothing makes me and the team at 5.4 happier than transforming people’s lives through better health,” Ben explains.

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