They see me ROLLIN… they HATIN….


They see me ROLLIN… they HATIN….

When and HOW should you use a foam roller?

Feeling sore? Before you pick up that foam roller STOP! We have been informed that a vast number of people using foam rollers, are doing it wrong!

The last time I foam rolled at gym, I felt like I was trying a handful of karma sutra poses and really had no idea what I was doing.

This awkwardly provoked a tsunami of judgemental eyes from my fellow gym goers.

That experience is what lead me to do some research and put together this blog.

-So, when should you foam roll? 

The obvious answer is when you are feeling sore,

however, research shows It’s a great idea to foam roll before you work out.

-Why foam roll?

Rolling before a workout will relax your muscles, will aid in the warm up process, improve your range of movement and help prevent injuries.

-How do you foam roll?

Focus on your piriformis (butt), calves, the outside of your IT band, mid and upper back and adductors (inner thigh).

Don’t just roll up and down, side to side.

Roll until you find the most tender part of your body and focus on that spot for about a minute,

Foam rolling should not replace the pre-work out stretch.

Once you finish be sure to stretch before you begin training.

Remember, I see you rollin, I’ll be patrolling, trying to catch you rollin dirty….

A . Jane