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#MeatlessMonday just got easier with our new vegan Vegetable Indian Keema

Plant-based doesn’t mean you need to spend hours meal prepping or miss out on important nutrients. We’ve made #MeatlessMondays or meatless EVERYDAY so easy by creating protein-packed, weight loss vegan prepared meals. Plus, plant-based just got a whole lot tastier with our latest addition of our vegan Vegetable Indian Keema.

In our new plant-based meal you’ll find shredded soy beans dressed with a delicate blend of Indian spices like cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon and fennel. The addition of turmeric, garlic and ginger delivers big on flavour and will have you craving for more. Is your mouth watering yet?

It’s no secret that if you’re following a vegan diet, you need to watch your intake of some nutrients to make sure you’re getting enough of them – including calcium, protein and omega-3 fats. Our new Vegetable Indian Keema covers all those bases so you don’t have to sweat it!


A plant-based diet doesn’t include dairy products, so it’s important to include other calcium-rich foods. Good plant sources of calcium include tofu, soy or almond milks and green leafy vegetables. Our new Vegetable Indian Keema includes soy to boost your calcium and keep your bones nice and strong!


It’s not always easy to keep your protein levels up when you’re plant-based, especially if you’re trying to build muscle, improve performance and assist recovery. Our vegan meals are carefully designed to ensure you never have to worry about protein again. Just take a look at our new Vegetable Indian Keema – it has 35 grams of high-quality protein! Your muscles won’t know what hit ‘em!


Our body can’t make omega-3 fats itself, so we have to get them from food, which isn’t always that easy when you’re following a vegan diet. Our new Vegetable Indian Keema includes canola oil to make sure you get your dose of Omega-3 and the health benefits that come with it. Other plant sources of omega 3 fats include chia seats, flaxseeds and walnuts.

So go on, give our delicious Vegetable Indian Keema a try and RELAX knowing you don’t have to stress about your nutrient intake again. Or grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning for that matter. It’s all wins here.

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