Want the best Summer ever?

So many of us have a mix of excitement and anxiety pre Summer.  We can’t hide behind layers of clothing and we have a heightened awareness of our body.

 Our Goal Support Team encourage you to think differently though!  What if you weren’t self conscious?  That you loved getting into your swimsuit before going to the beach, you enjoyed every moment of the work Christmas party and you enjoyed Christmas lunch without any guilt?

You CAN do it!  You just need to set and stick to some rules.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We are all different, so stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Repeat: stop comparing yourself to others.

Whenever you start thinking of something that you don’t like such as “I hate my thighs” counter the thought with something that you do like about yourself.

Think twice before reaching for another canapé

With party tables loaded with delicious treats, it’s easy to lose focus and pig out on everything in sight.

Before you enter an event, stop and take a breath, and set some guidelines for your food and drink intake. Have a 5.4 meal before you leave and by being prepared you’ll have a great time without the day-after guilt.

Party ‘smarter’ not harder

You don’t need to miss out on party season altogether: you just need to be smart!

Focus on catching up with family and friends. Really connect and have a great convo.

If things get rowdy or over-indulgent, leave and cut yourself off.

Get up early and workout

The mornings are warmer and the sun is up earlier so knock out a session before 7am. You’ll clear your head and set yourself up for a more productive and positive day.

Join a group

A great way to stay motivated is to join a group class. Join a spin class, a boot camp or walking/running club so you look forward to exercise rather than slogging it out on your own.  You’ll be also accountable to others to show up which is great motivation for turning up and doing it.

Get your friends involved

You’ll be surprised how much support you’ll get by sharing your goals with those friends and family.

You don’t need to isolate yourself or not entertain.  If you’re hosting a bbq at your place, ask your guests to bring healthy foods.

If you’re invited to a party or a bbq, take a dish so you can eat well and have fun – plus your host will love your contribution!

Remember to treat yourself

Treat yourself regularly.  Have your weekly cheat meal (no calorie counting allowed!), get a massage or spoil yourself with a new piece of clothes.

Enjoy Christmas Day!

Enjoy every moment of Christmas day and don’t deny yourself.  Enjoy the good things in moderation and regain balance the next day.