FivePointFour Busting Ghost Members

Have a gym membership but never go, then complain about how you can’t afford to eat healthy?

Just think of the money you wasted on that pointless gym membership could have been an investment with FivePointFour to create a healthier lifestyle – FivePointFour is here to bust ghost members for good.

You’ve decided that this year is going to be the year you finally get fit – you march down to your local gym and purchase that twenty-five dollar fortnightly gym membership, splurge on expensive sports gear to look legitimate, but after a week the buzz wears off and you keep making promises to go the following day.

A staggering 67% of people with gym memberships never go, with FivePointFour founder Ben Doolan deeming them “ghost members”.

“Many ghost members admit to keeping their gym memberships as an incentive to go again in the future, but only just end up wasting their money” says Ben.

Lack of time, energy and fear of embarrassment are usually the main reasons people neglect to go to the gym – choosing to give up entirely on their weight goals and make excuses for themselves.

“I stopped going to the gym because my routine became repetitive and I lost all motivation” Maddy, ghost member of Snap Fitness.

FivePointFour provides a solution for unused memberships and broken resolutions with tailor-made nutritious meal plans designed to keep customers on track to actually see results and keep them motivated.

Investing money in healthy foods ensures you get results, with Ben stating it’s easy not to go to the gym, but when delicious food turns up at your door, it’s so simple to be healthy.

“Exercise only contributes to a portion of your overall result, you cant out-exercise a bad diet” says Ben.

“A bad diet can dramatically reduce energy levels, leaving you with absolutely no motivation”.

If this is the case, then why is so much money being wasted on unused gym memberships and nothing spent on a healthier diet?

“Signing up for a gym membership is not going to achieve all your weight goals, focusing on a combination of 20% exercise 80% nutrition will get you there” Ben explains.

For less than $10 per person per meal, customers can now rest easy knowing they are receiving their accurate nutritional intake.

“I can’t believe how much money I’ve wasted on this gym membership when I could’ve been getting better results by eating healthier” Gabrielle, ghost member of Anytime Fitness.

Along with supplying tasty and nutritious meal plans, FivePointFour provides ongoing support including helpful diet and exercise tips for their customers throughout this lifestyle change to achieve optimal fitness results – no more excuses to ditch the workout.