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5 reasons why 4 & 8-week challenges work

We’ve all heard of 4 & 8-week challenges and their benefits, but they can seem pretty daunting. You’re committing to a dedicated number of weeks of challenges ­­– the name really says it all. But, once it’s over it’s pretty damn rewarding and you’ll have the results to show for it.

Here are 5 reasons why our 4 and 8-week challenges work:

  1. It’s short term.
    Although 1-2 months can still feel like a long time, there is a timeline and it is completely manageable. You know that there is an end date to work towards, making it so much easier to remain focus and discipline.
  2. Teaches you long-term strategies.
    You can easily forge good habits in 1-2 months, so tackling a challenge will inspire you to make lasting changes to your lifestyle. After a month of eating healthy, nutritious food, you will begin to love the way it makes you feel more energised. Sticking to a challenge will also educate you on how you can make informed decisions on nutrition and your overall wellbeing.
  3. Brings out your competitive side.
    We’re all a little competitive from time-to-time and entering into a challenge is essentially you creating a competition with yourself. You are competing with yourself to try to be a better version of you and you definitely don’t want to let yourself down after you’ve committed.
  4. Gives you tangible goals to work towards.
    Signing up for a 5.4 challenge, you know what to expect. You know you will receive our boxes of tasty, nutritious meals for 4 or 8 weeks for you to eat every day. You know you won’t have to worry about shopping, prepping, cooking or cleaning and that you will follow the meal plan AND SEE RESULTS. So essentially, you’ve got clear direction – you’ve got a goal and a time frame to achieve it.
  5. You will see results.
    After 1-2 months is when the magic happens! This is when you and others around you will truly notice results. You have to be a little patient, but if you carefully follow one of our meal plans for 1-2 months, you will achieve an incredible transformation in both body and mind – your body and the way you think about food and nutrition would have changed. By the end of the challenge, you will be feeling so great from the inside out that you won’t want to go back to old habits!

Beyond helping you reach your health goals and making you feel incredible, entering into a 5.4 challenge also has extra benefits for you.

Because we want you to stay motivated and SMASH your goals, if you enter a challenge:

  • Your fourth box will be 50% off (for 4 and 8-week challenges)
  • Your eighth box will be FREE (for 8-week challenges)

If you’re wanting to ease into a more achievable goal, we recommend starting with the 4-week challenge (you can always extend to 8-weeks later). If you’re feeling super motivated, challenge yourself to 8-weeks of clean eating for optimal performance and results.

What’s holding you back? Christmas only 10 weeks away, so it’s the perfect time to challenge yourself before the silly season hits. Call us on 1300 343 656 or email and let’s #EatToAchieve: