Budget friendly ways to invest in your health and fitness

Money might be tight for you at the moment but investing in your health is one of the most important things you can do especially when it comes to preventive measures.   Investing in prevention is less expensive than paying for Doctor visits and medications for related illness.  More than anything though, when you are healthy, you feel happy and get the most out of life!

There are some really easy and cheap things that you can do in your everyday life that can help promote overall health by promoting healthy diet, sleep and movement. To help, the 5.4 team have put together a list of 6 inexpensive ways to invest in good health to help get you started!

1. Track your steps.
We love Fitbits here at 5.4 and tracking our steps. It is so easy and relatively inexpensive. We really encourage you to do this as often people don’t realise how much they aren’t moving on a daily basis. You can invest in a movement tracking device like a Fitbit or there are even Smartphone apps now. As a baseline, aim for 10,000 steps per day.

2. Keep your exercise shoes in good shape.
This is so important especially for anyone who’s active or has goals to become more active. We are all guilty of running our sneakers into the ground (literally). Unfortunately this increases the potential risk for injury, joint and muscle pain. It just isn’t worth it. The life of a pair of shoes will depend on the type of exercise that they are used for. Replacing shoes on average about 2 – 3 times per year can help to cut down on injury and prevent joint damage due to worn out padding and support. To save money, purchase when sales are on from your favourite retail store or look for online sales.

3. Us On-Demand & DVD workouts.
If the gym is expensive or it just isn’t for you, take advantage of inexpensive workout DVD’s or the many On-Demand exercise options available. Exercise DVD’s range are so cheap and can be watched anywhere and at a time that suits you. There are heaps of different types of exercise DVDs including high intensity exercise, yoga, dance, pilates and more. By taking advantage of On-Demand exercises and DVD’s, it can help even the busiest of people fit movement into their day.

4. Get more sleep
It costs absolutely nothing and can help promote better health, it improves focus and productivity, happiness. Aim for 7-9 hours nightly. If it’s difficult to reach the goal of 7-9 hours nightly, aim to get more sleep in small increments, like adding 15 or 20 minutes extra on a nightly basis and work up to the goal if you can. If you have trouble getting to sleep, or even stay asleep, give bedtime yoga a try, ear plugs, a face mask to block out light or lavender oil on your pillow.