The only limitations that we have, are the ones that we believe!

Have you set a health and fitness goal but find yourself procrastinating about taking action, beat yourself up, or worse still quit?  It can feel like we can become our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend!

Our minds are amazing things. They are so powerful and yet, so many people don’t know how to use them for their benefit.  We don’t need a magic pill or military training to develop the disciplines that will help us succeed.

We just need to understand why we think the way we do and find ways to make ourselves think the way we want to. In other words, we must think in a way that serves us, instead of a way that holds us back.

There is a quote from Napolean Hill that“Our only limitations are the ones we set up in our own minds.” Over the years, I’ve found out that he is right. If we conquer our minds, we can achieve anything.

What we feed it determines what we get out of it.  Just like putting the proper fuel into a vehicle, we have to fuel our brains with the right thoughts. We have to be aware of how we are thinking instead of just accepting our current beliefs.

Beliefs can be changed. We don’t have to accept them for what they currently are, as many people do. Many of us have not been raised to think like the successful people do. But, the mere belief that this is an excuse is a negative thought that does not serve you. It is the wrong kind of fuel for your mind.

The thing is we only have limits if we allow them in our minds.  We only procrastinate because we aren’t aware of what we’re doing or have a belief that procrastinating is okay. We have negative beliefs because we allow other unsuccessful people to influence us.

Here are a few steps to make a change:

  • Be aware of your thinking. Look at your mind almost like it is in third person, watching to see what it tends to do in different situations.
  • Write down your top beliefs and habits honestly throughout the day. Do this for up to a week. Do the same thing with your habits. To make your mind work for you, you must first be aware of where it currently is.
  • Ask yourself what you want in life. Do you want happiness? Do you want to be a millionaire? Do you want to be healthy with a lean body? Write these goals down.
  • Now, go through your beliefs, as well as habits and ask yourself whether they help or hold you back from achieving your goals.

Once you have done this, you now have an idea of what needs to change.  Maybe you want to be healthy but crave a doughnut often!  Work on changing these habits, thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.  Replace doughnuts with a piece of fruit.  Start doing important things first so that you don’t put them off.  Stop filling your mind with negative news.  Avoid hanging out with people who have a negative outlook to life.

Keep doing this on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make sure you are on track or to help you make a few new changes.

Your success in achieving any goal all comes down to your mind and how much control you have over it.  Be self aware of your thoughts and what  your habits are to determine if they serve you.  You CAN control your destiny if you can control your thoughts!