Are you ready for a new beginning?

Have you been thinking about making a change and focussing on your health and fitness goals?  Thinking about it is one thing but actually starting is another!

You might wrote down a bit of a plan about when you will train and what you will eat.  Writing things down isn’t enough though.  Either is imagining how great it is going to turn out for you.

You need to actually and that is often very hard.

You might be wondering am I going to get it right?  You may be thinking “If I start this project today without x, y and z in place, it’s just not going to work out or be good enough”.

Or I think I don’t have the time, because there’s ‘so much else going on’ or ‘I really don’t have the money right now.’

But that’s self-defeating, and personally if I think like that I don’t get anywhere for sure. I’m never going to have x,y and z in place – and if I do, I’ll find another excuse.

There’s never going to be a right time. There’s also never going to be a wrong time. We make time for the things that matter to us.

It’s always going to be right when I start right now, because it will change and evolve down the road as you work towards your goal.

But if you don’t begin, they will never have a chance to reach their full expression. I know for certain that the final product I have in mind today is just as not real as B.S. excuses I give myself for why I don’t start them.

And as for things not being ‘good enough’, well that’s just fear talking.

We may always be afraid, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep going. And if you persevere in spite of your fears, you will not only ALWAYS be good enough, you will be BRAVE, and you will be great.

So I have a message for you … your time is now.

If there is something you’ve been putting off, if there’s something you’ve been dreaming of doing – however big or small – begin it now!