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Spring clean your fitness routine

So you got yourself into a good fitness routine for winter, but now it’s warming up and all of your regular training regimes don’t feel the same. Don’t worry about it, spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate an old routine.

Although getting into a good exercise routine is a fantastic habit to be in, often we can become creatures of comfort. It’s important to frequently change your workout program to avoid workout boredom – if you’re no longer excited by your workouts, you’re less likely to have the drive to continue doing them. Plus, if you’re doing the same thing every week you’re less likely to be progressing at building fitness or muscle growth.

So if this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to switch up things up for spring. Here are some ways you can keep your routine fresh for the new season:

Take it outside

This is a no brainer. You can’t beat a sunny spring day to be outside, and sometimes just changing the venue is all you need to do to shake off the winter blues. There’s plenty you can do outside too – bike riding, running, circuit training in the park or outside yoga.

Get up early

Take advantage of those longer mornings and get your workout out of the way before your day even starts. That way there’s less time for you to create excuses not to exercise, or a late night at the office won’t mean you don’t get your workout in. 

Try a new type of exercise

You won’t know if you like something until you try it, so you could be missing out on your favourite exercise! When you’re passionate about the workout you’re doing, there’s no way you won’t be coming back for more. Try something new like boxing, barre, rock-climbing or a different group class to mix things up.

Start a sports team

Grab some mates and/or colleagues together and start a social sports team of some sort. This means you will be combining exercise and social outings together, creating a weekly workout that you really look forward to each week.

Invest in new gear

Warmer weather means less sweaters and more singlets, so buying new workout clothes could be just the motivation you need to kick it up a notch and take your regime to the next level.

Whatever changes you choose to integrate into your spring fitness plan, remember to make sure you are enjoying yourself. Exercise should be a way of rewarding your body and having fun, rather than punishing yourself. We bet if you combine eating regular 5.4 meals and changing up your fitness routine, you’ll be feeling like a more energised and motivated person by summer!