Stop body shaming!

The 5.4 team are focused on their health and fitness goals so we are always looking for inspo in Magazines, on Insta and on Facebook.  It is great to see other people achieve to keep you motivated and inspired.

Lately though, we have noticed people body shaming more and more.  Men and women who are feeling great in their own skin and post a pic on social media only to be judged by people.  As an example “too skinny” and “eat a hamburger”.  You can only imagine how deflated that they must feel reading this!

Image of despair girl humilated on internet by classmate

When we see this on social media we are dumbfounded and astounded.  It has got us thinking … Is body shaming now the norm?

Since when is it okay to body shame other people? What kind of society has converted these men and women to think and type such words? Is this what they are subjected to by the society, the media, and other people?

Let’s Put a Stop to Body Shaming!


Positivity, acceptance and tolerance are the keys to ensuring that no person is ashamed of their body.  We all have amazing and strong our bodies and our focus should always be on our HEALTH!

It is only through education and conversation that body shaming can be destroyed.  We need to collectively unite to banish body shaming for good.  Are you with us?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!