Why you should consider strength training

So often the FivePointFour goal support team hears comments from customers that they’re worried about “bulking up” if they do strength training. For some reason, strength training has become synonymous with athletes, meatheads, and people looking to “bulk up.” This thought is a common misconception.  We encourage you to add strength training in 2 – 3 times a week. Why?

It is an effective way to burn fat. Leaving out the strength portion of a workout could be a real missed opportunity.  For instance, weight training is an effective way to reduce body fat. Yahoo, right? Get this: strength training also allows the body to increase lean muscle and in turn, burn more calories.

Strength training is also a cardio workout. Adding some muscle and becoming leaner are common fitness goals. But here’s a little secret, strength training is also a cardio workout. You get the best of both worlds! And consider this: It is impossible to spot reduce the fat in certain areas of your body; the location of fat burn is completely uncontrollable. With weight training, you can specifically target the muscles you want to work.

For those of you afraid of outgrowing your wardrobe, relax. Strength training comes in many forms; bulking up only happens with excessively heavy weights and LOTS of hard work. To burn more calories, reduce fat, and develop sleeker muscles, try some weight training. It’s for everyone, not just athletes … and you’ll love the results!