Struggling to make lasting change?

Is your motivation and enthusiasm already starting to wain after making new years resolutions to get fit and healthy?   You are not alone!

You have probably noticed that the gym carpark isn’t quite so busy or that your friends resolve to eat clean is dropping fast!  Joining a gym, going on a crash diet or giving up alcohol for a week, are all short-term strategies. Rarely do they get you to where you want to go long-term.

If you REALLY want to make lasting changes in your life, like being healthy and fit, you need to work out what your core values are, then set long term goals based on those core values.

For example, if being healthy is one of your values, you are far more likely to achieve this if you commit to eating nutritious, healthy meals and to exercising regularly.  Setting a long term goal will help you commit to that even more.

If you want to make real, lasting changes in your life, a few things need to happen.

First, you need to believe you are in control.

Second, you need to stop thinking there is a quick fix and resolve to do the hard work. Instead of making short-term shifts in your life, resolve to make 2017 the year you figure out what you really want and commit to long-term sustainable change and happiness.

So many of us struggle on a day-to-day basis to stay on task, to prioritise, to be accountable and to connect our long and short term goals.  We tend to start each day on “defense”, reacting to what comes and this can continue throughout the day as we block and tackle our to-do lists.

We need to flip that and start your day on “offense” and stay focused on taking small, purposeful steps toward your big picture goals. It can also help you identify things you should not be focusing on; activities that fall outside either your values or your priorities.


“If you don’t know what truly motivates you, you really don’t know what will satisfy you.”

Tanya Tarr


Writing things down is one of the best forms of personal accountability. Even if you don’t have someone else to hold you accountable, write it down in a journal or a spreadsheet and that will keep you accountable to yourself.

Even if they have over 20 years of flying experience, pilots still review the same take-off checklist every time they fly.  Think of your checklist as your take-off prep checklist. It will help ensure you don’t miss anything that you have deemed important and will act as a daily fail-safe to catch all the important aspects of your life.

Bringing connection between the big picture and your day-to-day priorities is very powerful. The only way long-term goals are achieved is with short-term actions. Most successful people make this connection.  They prioritise the things that get them to where they say they want to go and focus on little things each day to help get them there.