When people support each other, incredible things happen!

Are you lacking motivation, in a bit of slump or feel self conscious about working out at the gym by yourself?  We’ve all been there!  It’s time to reach out to friends or family to bring along on your health and fitness journey!

When people support each other, incredible things happen!  Here are tips on picking a perfect buddy on your 5.4 8 week challenge:

1. Pick someone who is motivated and positive

It can be really hard to get in the right frame of mind if your buddy complains about everything, they are negative and have the wrong attitude.  Pick someone with a go for it attitude and that is equally as positive and motivated as you.  This way when the going gets tough, they are there to encourage you to push through it rather than quit and vice versa!

2. Understands your and your buddies ‘why’

It is really important to understand your and your buddies ‘why’. This is super important because if you both understand why you are both focusing on your goal, it will keep you both laser focused. If you are really focused on achieving your goal and are super diligent at the gym, it would be really frustrating if they are only interested in having a good chat right?

It is important to align your and your friend’s goals so you can both motivate and support each other throughout the 8 week challenge. You might check in with each other throughout the day to see if you are drinking enough water, if are sticking to your eating plan and then schedule in a training session.  If you are accountable to another, you are more likely to stick to the plan.

3.  You’ll be each others cheer squads!

So often we don’t recognise how far we have come but we can see it clearly in others.  You might not be seeing a shift on the scales but your friend can clearly see a change in the shape of your face.  Those reminders from each other are really helpful in keeping you both motivated.  You can also celebrate your wins along the journey!  It makes it so much more enjoyable.

Our 5.4 goal support team are always here for you too to cheer you on!  We’ll contact you regularly but don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 343 656 if you need support.  We would love to hear from you!