Tip 1- Good Form

Don’t be that guy in the viral fail video that uses the gym equipment wrong and folds himself in half!

Aint nobody got time for that!

If you don’t know how to use something or don’t know how to do an exercise, its simple, don’t.

Ask someone for help. Don’t ask the guy or girl across the gym taking selfies, ask a professional.

Using equipment wrong or having the wrong technique can lead to serious injury.


Tip 2- Patience

Set yourself short and long term goals and be realistic.

Don’t have too high an expectation of yourself. Remember most of the guys and girls on Social Media have been tuned from their hair to the color of their armpits, their sizing, eeeeverything can be changed.

If you have a celebrity inspo in mind; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Miranda Kerr, Sacha Baron Cohen it’s not going to happen overnight.

Start with how many times a week you are going to exercise and what your weekly meals are going to look like.


Tip 3- Overtraining

Recuperate and repair, whatever you do don’t train on an injury. Seek Medical advice before going back to the gym if you do injure yourself.

Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies. For example, this morning as my 5am alarm echoed through my dreams my body whispered to me “If you get up and go to the gym this morning, I will shut down and I will destroy you” harsh, but I listened. I gave my body the sleep in it needed and did an afternoon session instead.


Tip 4- Remember to train your legs

This one is simple. Don’t be calf the person you could be. Focus on your body as a whole.

What if you get too top heavy and we get severe winds? You need a strong foundation to stop you from toppling over #safetyfirst.


Tip 5- Nutrition

Be prepared!

Plan, plan, plan. If you are not meal prepared for the day, it will be easier for you to fall off track and stop off for a sneaky cheeseburger at lunch, trust me.

Personally, I use 5.4 training meals for my main meals and have a mixture of rice crackers, nuts and fruit as a healthy option if I get that 3pm chocolate itch.

Whatever your meal plan/program have it packed and take it with you in the morning, don’t be a lazy larry.


Tip 6- Warm up

A cold body is just like a lack of foreplay or an old car, if you skip the warm up, it just won’t run properly or worst case scenario might not start at all.

Make the time to warm up before training. Not only does it increase your heart rate and circulation, but it will prevent injuries by loosening the bodies joints and increase blood flow to your muscles.


Tip 7- Cool down/stretch

Cooling down and stretching will gradually help in returning your heart rate and breathing to normal.

Learning the hard way a few too many times, it also helps prevent the post workout yak, upchuck, ralph, greet your guts, puke whatever you want to call it and it prevents fainting or dizziness.

Just like flicking an X-partner it also helps to remove the waste.

By waste, I mean the yucky products from your muscles, such as lactic acid, which can build up with exercise.


Tip 8- Find a buddy 

Training buddies make you accountable!

I love having a training buddy, Why? More motivation and no lame excuses.

A number of times I’ve used “Not tonight the new Suits episode is out, Harvey needs me!” or “I’ve got a boo, boo I stubbed my toe” or “I don’t want to get my hair sweaty” and have been made to feel so guilty and sooo unsupportive that I end up going. It’s great!

In all honesty, its days that you don’t want to train and you do, that you feel the best after your session. Help and motivate each other and reach your goals together.


Tip 9- Take progress shots

Ok, none of us like looking at ourselves in photos especially at the ‘before’ stage but as humans, we don’t see the change others do.

By using progress photos along the way body dysmorphia has no other choice but to take a hike when you put your photos next to each other and appreciate the little changes along the way.


Tip 10- Screw the scales

In my opinion, scales can eat s*it and die a horrible death.

Who are they to tell you, you have put on weight when in fact you have gained muscle and burnt a crap load of fat?!

True story, I worked out for ages and stayed at almost the same weight the whole time but at the end of my challenge had a major body transformation.

Scales are like a driver that doesn’t indicate when merging, bloody useless. (Unless you get one of those Fancy Schmancy ones that measure everything, bone, fat, muscle and more, they are so nifty!)

So this concludes my top 10 exercise tips. I hope you enjoyed them and took something educational away from this blog.


Anywayz Sorri for the spellin the spelchecker is down- Stay fit and healthy ~ A.