Five Point Four



Our look is freshening up, but we’re still fast-tracking results

We thought it was time to freshen up our look! We can’t wait for our new and improved packaging sleeves to reach your doorstep because we know you’re going to love them.

Not only do our new packs look incredible, but they also protect the precious cargo inside – the meals! We want you to have the best experience possible with our product, so our new sleeves cover the whole container to protect from damage during transit. Your meals will arrive cosy, safe and ready for you to devour.

Don’t worry though – even though we have a new look and feel, we are still the same brand that you know and love. We’re continuing to deliver the same tasty food and you’ll still be achieving the same fast-tracked fitness results. Our macro-measured meals are still gonna make you feel energised, full and have you kicking all your health goals.

Plus, the new sleeves are made out of cardboard so they are entirely recyclable! We’re very excited to be moving towards greater sustainability in our operations – watch this space.

So, are you feeling our fresh new look? We’d love to hear your thoughts!