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Does snacking help or hurt your health results?

Everybody has their own opinion on snacking. Some people think it’s the reason you’re not seeing results, while other believe it’s an efficient tactic that can help you achieve results faster.

So, is snacking good or bad for you? We wish it was as simple as a yes or no answer, but it’s not. Never the less, we are going to attempt to break down some of the myths about snacking right here.

Firstly, it’s important to address what ‘snacking’ actually is. We define snacking as when you consume food or beverages in between your regular meals. Note – there is no reference here to what type of food/drink is consumed here.

There’s a common misconception that snacking only involves eating things that are ‘unhealthy’, which is certainly not the case. Snacking can also mean eating nutritious foods that fit into your macros between meals.


Does snacking affect your metabolism?


We’ve all heard the myth that snacking boosts your metabolism, however there is no real evidence to support this. Meal frequency has no significant effect on how many calories you burn (unfortunately).

However, snacking can tie you over to your next meal and can prevent you from becoming over hungry and bingeing on unplanned calorie-dense foods. If carrying a few healthy snacks in your handbag keeps you sustained and stops you from purchasing impulse foods, then go for it! It’s better to have a handful of nuts than a donut!


Does snacking affect your appetite/weight? 


This is another topic that receives mixed opinions and conflicting results. Some studies have found snacking increases appetite, while others show that it can reduce hunger. The same goes for weight – there are studies that suggest snacking assists in weight loss, while others think its associated with weight gain. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer here, because different methods work for different individuals.


So what does this mean for you? Should you snack or not?


The important thing to remember is that if you’re wanting to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. That’s the simplest way to look at it.

We recommend mapping out what main meals you’re going to eat the next day (we use MyFitnessPal) and seeing if you can fit snacks into your macros and still run at a calorie deficit. If you can, happy days – snack away.

If you’re following one of our 5.4 meal plans we’ve already done the calculating for you! If you’re on our low carb plan we allow for 3 x 5.4 meals, breakfast AND 2 – 4 snacks a day because we LOVE snacks. We personally believe snacking in between meals helps to curb away cravings for nasties and also means we don’t feel like we are restricting ourselves.

But remember, your fitness journey is YOURS. You need to use whatever methods works for you. If snacking doesn’t really curb your hunger and you end up eating too much at the end of the day, try reducing your snacks or saving your calories for main meals.


I’m a snacker, what should I snack on?


It’s great to have you on board the snacking bandwagon! Each of our meal plans are delivered with a meal plan inside that outlines the snacks you can have and still fast-track results.

Some examples of snacks you can have are frozen red grapes (80g), low fat Greek yoghurt (75g), Blueberries (50g), boiled eggs and rice cakes.

Enjoy snacking and the convenience of 5.4 with our ready-made, results-focused meals: