Is the heat stopping you from maintaining your fitness?

Working out outdoors is great but gosh it is hot at the moment!

As long as you take some precautions, don’t scrap plans for a workout in the hot weather. Here is how you can keep up your outdoor fitness routine even on those super hot days!

Stay hydrated

Hydration is important for your health and it is even more important to drink extra water during hot weather.

Even mild forms of dehydration can leave you feeling unwell, fatigued and cause headaches. Drinking water can help control your body temperature and replace some of the fluids lost during exercise.

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to reach for a water bottle.  Sip water gradually before, during and after your workout to help you stay hydrated.

Be sun-smart

Even if it’s not the hottest part of the day, protect your skin from UV damage when you’re out exercising as well! Use a high spectrum sunscreen all over to give yourself adequate sun protection. A hat and sunglasses also give you extra protection from sun damage too.

Pick the right time of day to exercise

The timing of outdoor workouts is really important during hot weather.

Reduce the risk of overheating by doing more intense workouts either early in the morning or late in the evening. That way you can avoid the sun when UV exposure and heat in general is at its highest.

Dress in light colours

Pick lightweight materials for your workout clothes, which allow sweat to evaporate, as this can help reduce the chance of your body overheating. Activewear advertised with words such as breathable or moisture wicking on the label are usually the best to help better control your body temperature.

Those black workout clothes are so good at hiding sweat marks but sadly, they are not the best if you’re working out in the sun.

Darker colours do absorb the light and heat). Ditch the ‘all black everything’ and choose lighter colours instead.

Head to the gym or look for areas with shade

While it’s nice to workout outdoors, in really hot weather it may not be practical.

When it’s hot, the heat and sun can be reflected off the road, which can make you feel hotter. Try running on grass or in areas where there is shade instead. If you’re lucky enough to be near the beach, running or working out nearby means you might get sea breezes to help keep you cool.

Listen to your body

Even if you take regular water breaks and dress appropriately for the conditions, you can still be at risk of overheating. Listening to your body during a workout is so important and working out in the heat is no different.

If you start feeling dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated or you are having trouble breathing, stop exercising immediately.