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The science behind 5.4 meals

You’ve probably heard us talk about how our meals have been scientifically designed to increase energy, improve performance and burn stubborn fat. But where does this ‘science’ actually come from?

To put it simply, our team of nutritionists, food technologists, health professionals and foodies have designed the ratio for eating right. The science behind the meals stems from the specific ratio between protein, carbohydrates, fats, saturated fats and sugars.

For our weight loss meals, we have put a huge focus on carefully balancing meals to be high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which is achieved by only selecting vegetables that won’t push the carbs too high. Our flavoursome sauces are created with low sugar, limited salt and no artificial sweeteners – only real ingredients! It’s not easy to cook meals that have the right balance of macronutrients for weight loss that still taste amazing without the use of sugars or fatty meats – but we’ve got it down pat!

In our active and muscle gain meals, we know that carbs are an important source of fuel for those that are reasonably active. In these meals, we carefully balance in some good carbs, such as brown rice, with the correct quantities of proteins and fat to create meals that assist in performance, muscle growth and recovery.

Science is an important part of our cooking process too. We ONLY use lean proteins in our meals to hit the right ratio every time, so we have designed a way to cook lean meat without a dry flavourless result. Often (sadly) the texture and flavour in meat actually comes from the fat. For example, a piece of steak with marbled fat throughout that is pan fried is more flavoursome than a lean piece of meat because of the presence of the fat and the fat retaining in the meat during the frying process. However, fatty meats push up the saturated fats too much to fit into our macro ratio, plus sat fats contribute to heart disease and poor health. So science comes into the way we control saturated fats and cook our lean meat to make sure it is still juicy and tender every time. We marinate our meat in our tasty sauce to retain the flavour and moisture in the absence of fat. Pretty nifty!

The art of getting the scientific ratio balance doesn’t just occur in some selected meals within our range – it is in EVERY SINGLE MEAL. That means you can choose any meal from the entire range and be assured that the balance of the macros is tailored to your goal and every meal is low in sugar and sat fat. Inspecting nutritional labels and counting macros is no longer necessary!

The science is our secret balance of macronutrients, sugar and saturated fat – and you can’t argue with science! When you order our meal plans, you can win small everyday by knowing that you are eating balanced, scientifically measured meals that will help you smash your goals without even reading a label! Cheers to that.

Win small and win often with 5.4 meals: