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Veganuary – how going vegan (and staying healthy) can be easier than you thought

January, the month of vegan, is upon us and there have been record numbers of people signing up for the pledge. Although the thought of banishing cheese can seem pretty daunting to many, it can actually be relatively easier to start plant-based eating.

But I’m not sure about vegan nutrition?

That’s where we have got you covered – we offer a 100% vegan meal plan, which will make it super easy for you to keep your Veganuary pledge on track. All of our vegan meals have been scientifically designed to make sure you are getting all the right macronutrients you need for energy, wellness and performance – so you don’t have to stress at all about nutrition!

What goes into the vegan meals? Will I be getting enough protein?

You will definitely be getting enough protein with our meals. We use premium ingredients like pulses, legumes, vegetables and beans that are high in protein to ensure you feel full and to fuel your workouts and recovery. On average, our meals have a huge 35 grams of protein each, so you can disregard any concerns you had about plant-based being low in protein.

Plus, there are absolutely no nasties in our meals, including no gluten to bulk up our meals which in most cases is highly processed and can cause food insensitivities.

So can I just follow the 5.4 vegan meal plan?

Absolutely. Say goodbye to having to read every single label at the grocery store to see if there are any animal products, cooking, cleaning and everything else in between. Instead say a big fat hello to tasty, convenient, healthy, nutritious, plant-based meals that will mean never stressing about your nutrition again.

Who knew eating healthy, plant-based meals could be as easy as 4 minutes in the microwave?

What do our customer’s say?

X Navy Physical Trainer Instructor, Drew Thornton, eats our meals to make it super easy to track his macros, assisting in his CrossFit performance and recovery. He says, “There is no better feeling than after a great workout – you feel strong, energised and proud of yourself. Since eating 5.4’s vegan meals I feel like that pretty much every day.”


What are you waiting for? Smash your #Veganuary pledge with ease with our vegan meals: