Wake Up!

I’m sure you’ve all heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it kick-starts your metabolism.

Because we love you all, here are some handy tips on what makes up a healthy breakfast.

  1. Your body is dehydrated and lacking in fuel after your sleep – have some water! And go one better by trying a glass of lemon water to help wake up your body.
  2. Your breakfast needs to be a full meal that includes some carbs and protein – try eggs, homemade muesli or avocado on multigrain toast. This is fuel for you body, but make sure you pair this with fresh food, like some tomato on the side or a homemade juice. These delicious foods are full of enzymes to get your metabolism going.
  3. Take the time to sit down and eat your meal. Your body will appreciate this more than that extra 10 minute sleep-in.
  4. If you’re a coffee fiend, have your cuppa after breakfast – it’s too harsh on your body first up.

When you these tips in mind, you will get yourself into a healthy morning routine in no time.